Friday, July 27, 2012

Back in the saddle again again

Well now, between all those things that happen to you when you get to the point in life where your running low on future and then having this project and that project take over, I've been a bad blogger.

The old age aches and pains just won't seem to go away. Problem is they be turning to more than aches and pains and let me tell ya they're proving to be a real pain. But stiff upper lip what? (What the hail does that even mean?)

So I've also been involved in this music project that has finally completed, couple of months overdue, and a good year plus worth of work. And I'm happy to say you can now even buy the darn thing on iTunes.

the group is Nora and One Left and the name of the album is

Yep, there's songs about biking here and a few other ditties.

Now, about my part. Let me just say that on one song you'll hear some of the best whistling that's ever been recorded. Not since those spaghetti westerns has such fine whistling been available to the general listening public.

So if you get in the mood head on over to iTunes and give it a listen.

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