Thursday, September 22, 2011

Oh my bike and me

Ah, the work day. Actually the work day and night as a big project has kept me from all things bike (except for the commuting). This is what happens when one goes off to foreign lands for weeks at a time.

Speaking of projects there's more news on the "Bicycle" album due out this winter. It features an 18 year old singer. They've put up one of those Facebook things. I don't do Facebook and don't understand it but apparently it's all the rage.

My sister tried to get me to do it so I joined and 3 days later I was gone. Cousins, whom I didn't know existed, contacted me. People whom I haven't seen in decades wanted to catch up. This mystified me. If I had wanted to keep in touch I wouldn't have waited decades. So, catch up on what exactly?
Some requested a "chat". Me don't chat.

It all proved to be beyond my social ambitions so I abandoned it.

Anyway, if you're interested in hearing some home samples and early studio stuff head on over and have a listen.

Nora and One Left

Kinda cool actually.

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