Friday, October 22, 2010

Win a bike

Public bikes is having a contest where you can win a bike.

"What you need to do to enter: Tell us in ~200 words or less where you would take us and what we would do on a 90 minute bicycle trip in your hometown."

First thing I want to know is how long are they staying and how many are coming? Will I need to freshen the linens? Is a continental breakfast expected?

I suppose that folks back in my hometown in Ohio are out of luck, unless 3 times around the town looking at the same 3 landmarks is the kind of 90 minutes that folks from the west coast dream of.

Still, it's a fine looking bike and I'm sure they're all good people.

So, write up a little volume and send it off if you're looking for a new bike with friends attached.  

New York City. Seems they've got a bit of a bicycle problem. 

They just agreed to pay out a cool million for the way that some of their men in blue treated a mass of riders. Now they're going to crack down on scofflaw bikers because there's in increase in pedestrian/cyclist confrontations

Seems like a perfect time for a bit of that distance and heart and fondness thing. Cooler heads and such. Hard to imagine the men in blue are going to be all warm and fuzzy to some scofflaw toodling along on the sidewalk after dishing out a cool mil to some of their brethren.

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