Thursday, October 14, 2010


More of the new fashion trend for bikes I saw on Urban Velo.

I suppose when one has to have the last word then one dons one of these things. I've made it clear that I am not qualified to pass any judgement on current fashion. My personal taste in dressing hasn't changed much in decades. That does not mean that in any given year I'm not in fashion. Fashion is cyclical. If you saw me now you could well be viewing the cover of the fall 2013 catalog.

This is surely a sign that there are more people biking. These good folks aren't making this stuff for the status quo. I doubt that the spandex clad warrior will be donning a black Callison with red edging on his/her next outing.

As I make my way around the city and surroundings I keep a sharp eye out for the interesting and unusual and can report that I have yet to see any interesting and unusual dressings.  I see the spandex clad warriors, the mountain bikers, the weekend riders on the comfort bikes but none of them have caused me to pull up and declare "Now that's stylin'!". For that matter I've yet to see any of the new designer bags and panniers. The one new thing I encounter are tools doing their bizarre fish tail brake dance on their fixies. 

The people I do see that are stylin' are older people, mostly women, on decades old bicycles with baskets in the front while sporting a nice garden wear sundress and well worn clogs. 

Maybe this is a European thing. But with a name like Casqu'En Ville it won't be long before it reaches the shores and is the next cool and hip thing. At least until 2013 when my stylin' makes a comeback.

Speaking of fixies, these good folk will sell you one for $299, speeding you on your way to angelic choirs singing hallelujah. 

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