Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The arm of the law

Apparently in Long Beach you can be cited for violations even though the city was not able to help you meet your requirements to avoid those violations.

The Long Beach police stopped one of those mass ride things and ticketed people and took many bikes because of violations, including unlicensed bikes. You have to get your bike registered with the Fire Department but they ran out of stickers for the year so couldn't inspect any more bikes.

So there you are riding about as though all is well when the arm of the law reaches out and grabs you. It doesn't matter that another arm had run low on inventory and failed to ramp up for demand.  No, this arm doesn't know about that arm and this arm is usually of the few words type. Pleading your case won't do so you'll have to plead your case to another arm. That would be the same arm that found a 4 year old can be sued.

It turns out that if you've reached your 5th birthday, give or take a few months, you are quite capable of negligence and can be held accountable for your actions.

I hope the little buggers use their little arms to pull out their squirt guns and give them the ol' what fer before making a daring dash to freedom.

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