Friday, December 31, 2010

New Year

Since getting waylaid by a cold I've been doing some reading on this and that and a little bit of riding.
Today was beautiful and I went out for about 4 hours of leisurely riding around the city. I was particularly interested in watching my two wheeled brothers and sisters since reading WABA's "Resolve to Ride Responsibly".

From what I can tell nothing has changed. I'll be queued up with the cars and some "scofflaw" biker will dash down the middle into the intersection while he does his oh too cool balancing act before darting across the intersection at the first opening.

The entire day I saw no bikers stop at stop signs or red lights (except when they had to so as not to get flattened).

On the other hand I saw the usual amount of cars turning right on red without stopping, speeding, dashing through the intersection hoping to beat the red light...

Usually I get a lump of coal but not this year. I must have been a good boy 'cause I got an iPad for Christmas.

So off I went reading reviews of the thing and comments to see what people thought of it and how they use it. Oops. The comments were a war zone with one group calling it a toy and style over substance and the iPad users defending it. Geesh.

I did learn one thing. I've learned that this group of people are as focused on fashion and style as teenage girls. Apparently this subculture exists to bash Apple and think all users of Apple products use them to make some kind of statement about fashion or to be seen with them to be cool or something. 

Well, I'm not about to look a gift horse in the mouth. I am now stylin', fashionable AND cool! Who woulda thunk it? Certainly not me, and I can't take any credit for it because it was handed to me. But here I am all cool and shite and I still don't know how to use the thing. This is like totally awesome!

Came across an article about Pirate Bay and how those boys are up against it. Again the comments were unreal. I remember the argument for "free" music by these tools but now they've passed that on to the movie makers as well. 

I guess when you're looting you look for any justification you can but these tools are short on critical reasoning. Reminded me of some of the comments about the WABA pledge. Some of those tools actually used the argument that until the laws are enforced for cars they'll continue to break the law anytime they want. 

I don't like this reading thing. Makes ya realize there's a bunch of bozo's out there among us more reasoned folks. I'd rather be out riding and ignore them.

Tomorrow brings a new year. I predict not much will change.

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