Friday, April 1, 2011

As the comedian said...

"You can't fix stupid".

TheWashCycle links to another brilliant piece from a know it all right wing nut job. Yeah, I said it. 

Lance was here in DC objecting to some republican recommendations for budget cuts to the NIH. This didn't set well with this "brilliant" person.

"It takes one to know one. Therefore, one must assume that professional cyclist Lance Armstrong is among the world's "brightest" people."
Yep, that's how she starts off.

"We all understand how brilliant you have to be to peddle a bicycle for a living."

She's such a clever one!, So, miss smarty pants (two can do this clever thing), what does riding a bike have to do with intelligence? Ok, if we're talking about riders of the fixed gear bicycle (aka tatootools) then I'll give you that one. But if you got, say, a 3 speed, then you're just as likely to be "brilliant" as the next person, or, uh, not. What the hell are you talking about?

She says Lance and his "liberal" pals think government funding is the answer to every ailment. She's just making that up. They never said that.
At what point did name calling become some kind of valid arguing point? Throw out "liberal" and "left" enough and you don't have to actually support your argument.

Speaking of stupid...

This article in The Washington Post talks about the law they're trying to change in Maryland to make drivers who kill people more responsible for their actions, like send them to jail.

I admit that "brilliant" and me ain't likely to cross paths anytime soon, but it don't take a whole lot of functioning brain cells to see that if you are the one and only guidance system for a 1 to 3 ton missile and you can't be bothered to make sure you guide it away from other human beings so as you don't kill them then your ass should go to jail.

The state senator, a left wing nut job, there I said it,  said "If it's not intentional and it's not grossly negligent, do we really want to send somebody to jail?".

Well, yeah.

If you just had to take that phone call or turn around to grab something in the back or whatever other distraction you have handy then you are intentionally disengaging the guidance system and when the guidance system is offline it don't take long for that missile to veer off course.

The legal-dictionary definition: Gross negligence is a conscience and voluntary disregard of the need to use reasonable care.
Disengaging the guidance system sounds like gross negligence to me, but hey, I'm not some state senator.

You lost control of the missile you're supposed to be guiding, the other person lost their frickin life. When talking about loss it don't get no bigger than life.

I say put 'em behind bars.

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