Saturday, March 26, 2011


From Wikipedia:
A lifestyle is a characteristic bundle of behaviors that makes sense to both others and oneself in a given time and place, including social relations, consumption, entertainment, and dress.

It dawned on me that since I now own an iPad I should maybe think about getting one of these. So I took stock and compared with the above definition.

1. Social relations - the only thing I could come up with is yelling at bikers who are total tools. I don't know if short social relations count.

2. Consumption - I consume food and now I guess I'm consuming something on my iPad - it's a "consumption device" after all - but I'm not sure what as I still don't have a real good grasp of the thing.

3. Entertainment - I was bowling a couple of weeks ago and some really tall muscular fellow lost his footing and went sprawling across about 3 lanes, arms and legs everywhere. I thought that was pretty damn entertaining.

4. Dress - I don't have much more to say on this.

I can't speak for others but none of this makes sense to me.

Momentum magazine was kind enough to help people like me who are lost when it comes to the "lifestyle":

After studying the cover the second thought that entered my mind was why is this person riding down the middle of the road? I was worried that this was something I'd have to do as part of my new "lifestyle". I wasn't optimistic. 

According to the article the "lifestyle cyclist" can define his/her parameters by the "lifestyle radius" which means you can travel a maximum distance of 6 miles on a "low maintenance bike and ensemble". I wasn't sure how 6 miles came to be but my guess is it's the "ensemble" part that is limiting. You wouldn't want to put on your nicest pumps and head out for a 10 miler. 

Another requirement for the "lifestyle" cyclist is to own a bike that they like to ride. If you live within the "lifestyle radius" then you would be happiest on a "lifestyle radius" bike, whether a European import or an old Raleigh. That does not mean there is a "one bike fits all".  Riding the bike you like riding is the important thing, even if it's within the "lifestyle radius" and not a "lifestyle radius" bike.

Also there is no reason to be concerned that you'd have to give up your "fashion" in order to bike. This is not an requirement. Apparently you can wear almost anything and jump on a bike and start riding. I frequently wear almost anything and jump on a bike and start riding so after reading that I was feeling better about this "lifestyle" thing.

It's also not a requirement that the bike and attire match, another big plus for me. So one can still be a "lifestyle cyclist" looking like, well, the way I look. However, if one wants to enjoy a "more natural" experience and have more fun then they should look into some kind of matching ensemble.

Urban families can also find usefulness in owning a variety of bikes, each for a specific need, such as "cargo, utility and light bikes".

There are a few other points of interest but these are the ones to get me on my way to a "lifestyle".

To summarize, it doesn't matter what kind of bike I have as long as I like riding it.

It doesn't matter what I wear (it sure doesn't matter to me) and if I'm happy with not having the most fun and not being all natural then a new wardrobe that matches my bike is not required.

It also doesn't matter how I ride as long as I constrain my rides to the type of ride I'm riding.

And I can buy as many bikes as I like (again, no matching ensemble required!) as long as I decide they have a specific need. So, for example, if I was to buy that mini-velo I've been eyeing (I'm all about the mini-velo) then I all I need to say is it's because I need to add some zip to my life.

I started the day with no idea what a "lifestyle" is, but now I can see that I fit right in. I belong. And with the "cool" that comes from owning an iPad I'm now going to throw the iPad in my pannier and head on out, feeling mighty fine about myself.

The only thing I haven't quite figured out is how to display my iPad and "lifestyle" while I'm riding.

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