Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The middle ground - CAT-Os and morning commuters

Having been off the bike for the last week or so (bad hamstring, bad bad hamstring) I've been forced into the dreaded car.
This is a painful thing seeing all the bikers going merrily about the day while I'm stuck in way too much metal and plastic.

I've always thought that the Costumed And Tattooed (CAT-0) who go about terrorizing the other users of MUPs have a lot in common with aggressive drivers. The only difference is that the drivers are pretty much forced to slow and wait to pass when there's oncoming traffic whereas the CAT-0s simply blasts down the middle.

I was wrong.

Driving to work on MacArthur Blvd. has shown me the light. The number of cars that straddle the middle to pass the bikers while there is oncoming traffic is scary. I've even encountered cars that are half in my lane coming around blind curves. This has damaged my cyche. I thought it was only the CAT-0s that figured they have a right to make you use half of your lane. I had no idea that someone driving an SUV figured the same way.

They certainly figured right.  I will hold my ground when the CAT-0s challenge me but no way I'm messing with damn commuters in SUVs. I scooted over every time.

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