Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Oh Lance

Tomorrow's NY Times will have an article that the Fed's now have more than Floyd Landis who say Lance doped.  Click on the link to read it.

Lance says he'll deny it to the end of his days.  If that holds true, whether because he never did or because he did and he's a stubborn man, and he seems like a stubborn man, then this is dead in the water.

Has anyone been convicted of this on hearsay?  Bond's hearing isn't til next year but that also includes obstruction of justice.  I doubt anyone would have known about Marion Jones had she not got a case of the truthies.

But that's neither here nor there.  What is interesting is how some folks just can't wait to see how it plays out.  Take bicycle.net, which is where I found out about the article.  Notice how they can't simply report this but they have taken the liberty to bypass this whole due process thing.   Their slogan is "attitude is everything" and by golly they mean it.  Apparently their attitude is guilty until proven innocent.  Personally I find it to be a relief that we have folks out there that are willing to stand as judge and jury.  The courts are filled with frivolous law suits anyway.  It's a frickin waste of tax payers money.

No, let's have "journalist" be the deciders.

I am a little disappointed in their namby pamby way of presenting it though.  They've dropped a few key words to let you know how they feel without actually coming out with it.  C'mon kids, don't dance around yellow journalism - proclaim the man guilty already.  Stop with the candyass hemming and hawing.  Attitude is everything.

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