Sunday, August 8, 2010

Shins and bike share

I can still remember those times when my foot would slip off the pedal and I'd get a shin full of hurt.  I was probably about 15 the last time that happened.  What changed is I started using cages and I've never stopped.  Well, I never stopped putting something around the foot so it would stay where it belongs.

These days I use cages and Power Grips.  My commuter (Trek Soho) has Power Grips.  I like them because you can slip in and then turn your foot a little to get a tighter fit and because it's easy to get that foot in and out.  I've tried clip in's but that's more than I need and these do the job just fine.

Yesterday I saw something along the same lines called Feetbelts.  They appear to work exactly the same as Power Grips but have a slightly different attachment system.  I'd like to try them but they're out of stock.  Looks as though it's a home based business with a couple of guys making them by hand.  From what I can tell from the pictures they have on their web site they might have a more solid connecting system.  I've managed to free a Power Grip from it's housing on more than one occasion and it's a pain to stop and redo it.  So I'll give them a go if I can get a pair.

Went to the hill today just to get out a bit and passed a couple of the SmartBikeDC locations.  In the first one there was only 1 bike and in the second 4.  Business would appear to be a boomin!
I'm not sure what to make of this bike share thing. I suppose if I lived 40 miles outside of the city it would be really convenient to get around when I'm in the city. They must be doing something right because they have a dozen of them in Europe and the one in Stockholm has 2000 bikes.
Also passed Bike and Roll which is a bike rental place. I see them all the time but had never been to their stand before. They have a lot of pretty good quality bikes (I think they were all Trek's). So if you're ever in DC...

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