Monday, August 9, 2010

Pack Pace

One of the things that impresses me about the pack is their dedication to, well, the pack.  When they have a good pace going there is nothing more important than keeping it.  I've seen them in action on the W&OD in Virginia quite a lot and there is nothing that will slow them.  If you're out for a Sunday walk with your better half they'll expect you to move to the right and, for your own safety, do so.  Of course it doesn't matter how far to the right you go because the pack will still buzz you.

Now from New York we have evidence that even little old ladies can't slow them.  You gotta hand it to the tool that hit her.  He knew what was important - staying with the pack and keeping that pace.  Now that's dedication.  

There are other types of people that could care less about hurting little old ladies. There's thugs and muggers and robbers and punks and bullies and shysters and scum. They will leave the scene as well, but usually over something trivial, like going to jail. No, this guy had his priorities straight.  There's nothing as important as pack pace.  

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