Saturday, August 28, 2010


Bad day to bike in DC.
Normally I'll play some tennis in the morning then head out for a 20 to 30 mile ride. Today I was feeling a little lazy so decided to head downtown and then work my way over to check out the new bike shop, BicycleSpace.

Well, I forgot all about that savior doing his thing down there.  The place was filled with Beckerheads.
Now, I'm a live let live kinda guy.  Ok, I'm not.  But basically I realize that people are willing to be led. So let those who wish to make money off of them do so. Goldline. A fool and his money...

The bit that I caught (I couldn't help myself) is pretty much bringing "GOD" back into our country, our government and our schools. Well, now. I have a question.

In this great country we can worship who we want and where we want anytime we want.  We can build any church we want.  We can congregate and pray.  We can get a tv show to proclaim our faith and get people to support us with "donations". We can even build religious schools and universities if we get them accredited. And no one is going to stop us. No government rep is going to come and tell us we can't do that.  Ever.  All the government says is that don't expect what you want to believe to show up in public places. Sounds fair. Go do what you want to do but don't force it on the rest of society.

So the question is, why isn't that enough for these people?

Ok, calm down.  It's their city too.  And I welcome them.  Really, I do. It's a big country and it takes all kinds and tolerance is something we should all invest in. But, you see, they just crossed a line, they ruined my bike ride.

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