Sunday, August 22, 2010


I'm fortunate to live a few miles from 5 bike shops, 3 of them are within 2 blocks of each other.
Recently I picked up a beater for $10 just to play around with.  Occasionally I get this thought that maybe I should learn more about the wrenching side of the bike. This is usually followed by one of two things:

1. the urge passes before I've done too much damage
2. a few days later I have to take it to the LBS so they can undo whatever the hell I did

This bike was working ok but the front wheel was hosed.  So I ordered a cheap wheel off the web.  When it arrived it was a bit out of round so I tied it to my folder and hauled it to one of the clustered LBSs.
I took it to the back and asked if they'd true it and the guy gave it a spin in his hands and said it had been "hit by something, like a car".  I told him it was brand new and just a bit out of round  He told me that it can't be trued but I might try next door.

I couldn't quite figure out why I should try next door because if it can't be trued it can't be trued. But off I went.

I figured there were 3 possibilities:

1. They have some special machine that can true brand new wheels that have been hit by something, like a car
2. They have mechanics who specialize in truing brand new wheels that have been hit by something, like a car
3. They won't be able to true it because, even though it's a brand new wheel,  it's been hit by something, like a car, and tell me to try next door

So I go next door.  Guy gives it a spin in his hands and says "Sure, pick it up tomorrow."

But, what about the car?  What about it not being trueable?  It seems that next door doesn't have special machines or special mechanics, just some hard working helpful people.

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