Tuesday, August 31, 2010

3 feet

The "Three Feet of Space" law that is popping up around the country brings up an interesting question.  What is the distance that a biker must use to safely pass the slower movers on the MUP's?
From what I see real bikers (RBs) have no problem acting like drivers when they're on the MUP's.  They buzz pedestrians all the time.  They weave in and out of traffic.  They won't slow down for anything.
The only difference between the RB and the obnoxious speeding lane weaving aggressive driver is that the driver will slow in congestion.

You may not know this but RBs have something no one else does, a certain type of magic that allows them use of the yellow strip down the middle of the path as their own private lane.  It's called the Maintain Pace Lane (MPL).  You can see this anytime you're on the MUP where there's congestion and the walkers and runners and most bikers have adjusted accordingly.  Some bikers actually queue up waiting for an opening.  And then an RB will come from behind blasting down the MPL.  No warnings or considerations for the others is necessary.  It's a right of the RB.

I saw these over on UrbanVelo and thought why not make them for the walkers and runners on the MUP's as well?

This is a great idea (except for when a good wind comes along or a n'er do well reaches out and grab one of those things), not only so cars won't buzz bicyclists but so RBs won't buzz runners and walkers.

So, aside from looking like a total tool, what's not to like?  

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