Sunday, August 8, 2010


I don't get it.
Ok, it probably has something to do with the years rolling by.  This year I'll be... well, let's just say that I'm running low on future.  The years roll by and one starts realizing that the "list" needs trimming.     Some of the things I've had to trim:

being a hunk
being rich
being cool
retiring early
spending the day riding and playing tennis

That last one is still a possibility but I'll need to retire first and you can see by item no. 4 that that ain't happening anytime soon.  And worse, by the time that does happen my body isn't likely to take to day after day of that stuff.  It's none too happy right now.

Anyway, I don't get it.  Why would someone ride a bike with no brakes and no freewheel? I ask because the other day I saw a fellow on one of these things hauling ass down Wisconsin Ave pedaling like a maniac.  If this boy was in control it was a damn fine acting job.  I wanted to turn and chase him because I just had to see him at a stop light but there was too much traffic for me to get across.

I've read about them.  They seem like the perfect bike for that polo thing which is pretty cool.  But you take away the polo and what the hell?  Aren't these like the first bikes we had as kids?  The ones with the pedals on the front wheel?
I guess I should ride one before being too critical but I gotta say, that's not likely.  They seem like dangerous and ridiculous all rolled together.  Even though I'm old and have given up on "cool" I still mountain bike often and, when you think about it, that in itself seems dangerous and ridiculous.  But this is a whole new level.

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